The Office of Emergency Management conducted the fall semester test of the WSU Alert System yesterday, October 12th  at 12:05 p.m. The test reached ­20,451 students, faculty and staff within five minutes via text, phone call and email. The campus outdoor warning sirens and computer pop-up notification messages were also tested. During yesterday’s test, all notification mechanisms were activated, therefore recipients may have received multiple alerts. WSU encourages students, faculty and staff to be personally aware of developing incidents, assessing each emergency individually, and taking actions to ensure the safety of all.


If you feel as though you should have received an emergency notification, please check to make sure your contact information is correct in the Emergency Contact link found at MyWSU. If you would like to receive emergency notifications, please visit MyWSU to complete your registration.  WSU Police regularly conducts Hostile Intruder trainings. For more information on receiving this training, please call 335-8548.


We also encourage your feedback by completing a short survey about the WSU Alert notification system, and what can be done to improve the safety of WSU. Thank you for your input as we work to make our campus a safer community.