City of Pullman Maintenance and Operations Superintendent Art Garro issued a boil water order this afternoon subsequent to a major water main break on North Grand Avenue.

Following State of Washington rules in this regard and as a precaution regarding the risk of illness from contamination, businesses and residents located on College Hill and Military Hill who are on the city water system should boil their water or use bottled water until further notice. That is for water that will be used for drinking, brushing teeth, preparing food, making ice and washing dishes, or use bottled water until further notice. To kill germs, heat water to a brisk boil for one minute and allow the water to cool before using.

The city is taking water samples and waiting for results. Updates and notifications will be posted on the city Web site as they are available.

Residents of the affected area are reminded to limit all water usage for the next 24 hours to help fill the water tanks faster. Expect discolored water while the system is returning to normal.
For more information call city of Pullman Maintenance & Operations at 338-3242.