WSU Pullman Community,

Your safety is important. Every year college and university communities across the country receive reports of students being drugged at social gatherings.  Such conduct has no place within the WSU community.

We encourage any student who has information about this kind of behavior to contact WSU’s Compliance and Civil Rights (CCR) office or local law enforcement at 509-332-2521 or email If you are afraid to speak out, please know you can request a consultation with CCR during which you can learn about protections for reporters and university processes before deciding how much information you are willing to share. Information you are willing to share may help prevent future incidents. If you would like to share information anonymously, visit CCR’s Reporting Form and please provide as much detailed information as possible.

Cougs look out for Cougs. Help keep your community safe by supporting your friends:

  • Stick together.
  • Look out for signs of drugging which include dizziness, disorientation, amnesia, and loss of consciousness.
  • Do not drink from open containers and avoid putting your drink down.
  • If you suspect that you or a friend has been drugged, contact 911 or visit Pullman Regional Hospital and request a urine screening test.
  • Report suspicious behavior aimed at the potential use of a drug to facilitate a sexual assault. If you see something, say something.
  • Be a heroic bystander using tools you have learned in Coug Connect.

Keep in mind that the most used “drug” to facilitate rape is alcohol.  To learn more about alcohol safety and drinking responsibly, participate in programming from Health Promotion.  If you need help addressing alcohol or drug abuse, please reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services. You can also learn about violence prevention by participating in Count on Cougs at WSU.  If you feel like you or any student needs additional care or support, you can refer them or request support for yourself through the Student Care Network.

Please Stay safe!

WSU Police

WSU Office of the Dean of Students