Before heading home for Spring Break, please check with WSDOT for pass conditions. On social media, you can find the latest WSDOT information at WSDOT Passes, WSDOT, and WSDOT Facebook. Drive slowly and increase following distances this weekend. Be prepared for delays and possible pass closures. Fill your fuel tank, and leave prepared with blankets, snacks and water. Avoid distractions- put your cell phone away and pull over at a safe place if you need to take a call or want to have a snack. Drive alert. Keep in mind, travel CAN wait until weather conditions improve over the passes.


On Campus Resources: 

Campus dining options are available over Spring Break if you are unable to travel due to weather. Hours can be found here.

Residence halls are open during Spring Break. If you live off-campus and need a place to stay due to poor weather conditions, please call 509-335-1227 for arrangements or visit for special hotel rates.