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None at this time

WSU Pullman Important Announcements

Air Quality on Campus

2015-08-24 12:33:29

Dear Colleagues, The poor air quality caused by the numerous wild fires burning throughout the Pacific Northwest has prompted questions from students, faculty, and staff. The health and comfort of all members of our community is of the utmost importance. We also have a responsibility to proceed with classes and other operations, if at all possible. Based on consultation with Dr. Bruce Wright, executive director of WSU Health and Wellness Services, and others, we will hold classes today and continue business as usual until conditions warrant reconsideration of that decision. We will be sensitive in accommodating faculty, staff, and students who need to avoid being outside due to respiratory illness or other factors. Further communications detailing specific actions will be coming from the Provost’s Office and Human Resource Services today as well. We will continue to closely monitor the situation throughout the day and week, and adjust our response accordingly. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Dan Bernardo Interim President

Special Announcement Regarding Statewide Outdoor Air Quality – Wildfire Smoke

2015-07-08 12:02:05

Air quality in various WSU locations statewide could be impacted by environmental conditions and smoke from wildfires. The Washington State Department of Ecology monitors air quality, identifies people that may be sensitive to outdoor smoke and/or particulate concentrations in the air, and recommends appropriate precautions. For more information go to WSU Environmental Health & Safety’s Wildfire Smoke page at http://ehs.wsu.edu/ph/wildfiresmoke.html. This page provides information on the health effects of wildfire smoke and links to various air quality websites including links to the Washington Department of Ecology websites with updated air quality information and appropriate precautions. If you have further questions please contact Environmental Health & Safety at 509-335-3041, your regional campus Environmental Health & Safety office or your local Health Department.


2013-10-25 10:59:05

In order to ensure that you receive emergency notifications for critical events occurring on campus, please visit ZZUSIS to complete or update your registration to receive emergency notifications. All those who access ZZUSIS will be required to make a selection regarding emergency notifications. Check yours early to beat the rush.
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