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There are no WSU Pullman alerts.

WSU Pullman Alerts

There are no active alerts.

The Campus Outdoor Warning System for the Pullman Campus

WSU has installed five outdoor warning siren/public address units on the Pullman campus. The University may sound these sirens in the event of an emergency that may threat the safety of those outdoors. These sirens are designed to be heard OUTDOORS ONLY. The siren tones are prone to echoing among the buildings on campus; however all possible adjustments have been made to improve the intelligibility of the voice messages.

Even if you cannot understand the voice instructions, your default action should be to always take shelter and seek further information from other WSU Alert resources!


 Click below to hear examples of the warning alert siren tones:

General Emergencies:

Weather Emergencies:

All Clear


Law enforcement actions, such as the response to an active shooter, may or may not necessitate the sounding of the sirens.  Emergency Management will follow the instructions of the WSU Police Department in regards to emergency warning and notification of any law enforcement activity.


NOTE: When dialing 911 from a WSU Pullman campus number, there will be a 7 second delay in connecting. WAIT! DO NOT HANG UP!