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Emergency Communications for WSU Pullman Campus

 Washington State University is committed to enhancing safety and security for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the Pullman campus. WSU engages in a broad array of activities supporting this goal, including  disaster and emergency preparedness planning, as well as other activities aimed at preventing problems before they occur.  Visit the Office of Emergency Management website for additional information.  Crisis Communications are guided by the WSU Crisis Communication Plan

 To enhance WSU's emergency preparedness , the campus has improved emergency communications capabilities with the addition of the Campus Outdoor Warning System (COWS); the Crisis Communications System (CCS); and significant updates and improvements to the WSU ALERT web site. These capabilities will build on existing methods of information distribution and communication, and will expand WSU's ability to communicate with students, staff, and faculty in an emergency.   For members of the university community to be informed of emergencies when the occur, it is important to take a few critical steps:


1. Go to the zzusis portal and register your emergency contact information for the CCS


2. Please bookmark the WSU ALERT Web Page on your computer.


3. Check WSU ALERT Home Page Regularly for Important Information.


 4. Be prepared for WSU ALERT Communications Tests

WSU will test the various communications systems regularly.  Notice will be given prior to any test of a system.

5. Remember to use 911 to Report Emergency Situations


To Report an Emergency, Dial 911

NOTE: When dialing 911 from a WSU Pullman campus number, there will be a 7 second delay in connecting. WAIT! DO NOT HANG UP!

Remember these rules for use of your landline phone or cell-phones when disasters occur:
• Stay off the telephone unless you have a critical need to make a telephone call. Remember a FAX or a computer can also use a telephone line and its use may affect your ability to get immediate help in a life-threatening emergency.
• DO NOT call 9-1-1 unless you need an emergency response from police, fire or emergency medical personnel.
• If you experience other types of problems not related to these emergency services, call the appropriate telephone number for those services.
• DO NOT call 9-1-1 unnecessarily. 9-1-1 lines must be kept open for people who have a true emergency.
• If you pick up your telephone to make a call and do not hear dial tone, DO NOT HANG UP. Simply wait a few seconds, and you may get dial tone and be able to make your call.

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