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Crisis Communication System

The WSU Crisis Communication System

Washington State University has added the Crisis Communication System (CCS) as an additional tool to reach out to the university community with warning and notification of developing or impending emeregency situations. This system is provided under contract with the Everbridge Corporation.  Everbridge is one of the largest notification networks in the country and besides WSU , is being used at Virginia Tech, the University of Alaska and many other colleges and universities across the country to provide for their warning and notification needs. The system is hosted off-site at multiple redundant locations which will help guarantee notification capabilities being maintained even if problems develop with information systems here on campus.  The CCS is a statewide solution to emergency warning and notification and will be available for each of the regional campuses and to research, Extension and other offices around the state that are a part of WSU in its role as the state's land-grant institution.   More information on Everbridge can be found at their website:

Features of the CCS

The CCS will reach out to members of the WSU community via landline and cell phones using voice and text messaging as well as to computers and PDA units via email and instant messaging.  The system also has the capability of connecting with pagers and faxes.  WSU email and landline phones are not automatically included into the system and will require registration.  Communications devices such as personal cell phones, personal landline phones and personal (non-WSU) email addresses  will also require registration to be contacted with emergency warnings and notifications. 

Registration for Personal Communications Devices

Inclusion of your  WSU landline phone, WSU email, personal cell phone number, personal  land line phone number and your non-WSU email address  in the WSU ALERT Crisis Communication System is voluntary.   If you do not register these  devices with the system, you will not receive any warning or notifications provided by the system.  Currently you can register by connecting to the zzusis portal.  Click on zzusis at the very top of this page to connect.  On the  main page find the section for Pullman Emergency Information and this statement " Please remember to update your emergency contact information in the zzusis portal.  Update Now!  Besure to read the Terms of Service information by clicking on the link in the left sidebar before registering.


To Report an Emergency, Dial 911

NOTE: When dialing 911 from a WSU Pullman campus number, there will be a 7 second delay in connecting. WAIT! DO NOT HANG UP!

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